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‘We don’t want to make toys, we want to make imagination tools, objects that kids can use to design their own experiences, build their own worlds.’ Interesting, isn’t it? So keep reading.

Avakai is a great combination of traditional and new toy, design, technology and craftsmanship. Matas Petrikas and Justyna Zubrycka, the founders of Vai Kai, want to create something that allow kids to discover the world around them, and it will use technology to create a magical experience.

These smart wooden figurines use Bluetooth enabled tech that allow them to respond to touches and communicate with other dolls. These toys sense proximity, touch, and movement, and react with sounds, light, and haptic feedback.


If you buy two Avakai, they are automatically connected to each other. They can send messages, feelings and sense each others’ presence —no batteries, no setup, no apps needed.

Only have one Avakai? You can connect your Avakai to a mobile device that has the free Avakai app installed.


With the Avakai’s ‘superpowers’, you can send hugs, let your child know you’re nearby or playing diverse traditional games like hide and seek or treasure hunt. Your Avakai can also communicate long-distance! When the distance is further than 50m, the Avakai can still be connected via the mobile app.



Vai Kai team has worked with craftsmen from a small town in Poland that have transformed their ideas into new unique shapes (they remind me Japanese Kokeshi or Russian dolls).


Furthermore, Avakai will be crafted out of a high-quality wood, grown in responsibly managed forests according to European eco-standards.

I can totally see my son playing with them! What about you and your kid?

They have a Kickstarter project here, let’s help them to make their wish come true!