We really like those brands that have something different to offer, an extra bonus to transform the product into an exclusive object. Soft Gallery is a great example of that. This kids’ fashion company was founded in 2007 and —from the beginning— talent and know how have turned it into a successful company.

All the garments have their own soul as artists from all over the world have provided all their creativity to get the coolest and more personal collections. Every single detail means a lot so it’s carefully added.


We are always saying that art must be included in kids’ lives as it can be a great way to stimulate them while they develop their skills and discover the world around them. Wearing art is a good way to start to feel and understand it, don’t you think?

Home Sweet Home, the collection’s name, inspires us with lots of cosy clothes wrapped by that magical feeling of comfort experienced by kids when they are at home. Warm tones come back in autumn: brown and orange are combined with pale pink, soft grey or gold or basic black and white to create a wearable and poetic collection plenty of funny and chic touches.



Magic is present in all the pieces as if they try to remind our kids’ memories when we dreamed with tiny characters living with us or fairy tales that became true…what a wonderful time!

These lovely prints are soft, original and really funny and can be the perfect way to face bad weather in the cutest way!



Exclusivity and great style are also important concepts in this beautiful collection. Aesthetic’s importance is crucial if you want to get this wonderful result.


Soft Gallery’s collection for this season is ready to remind that amazing truth “Home is where the Heart Is.” Their refuge, their castle, their kingdom…a place to feel safe, dream and be happy!


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