This is a new concept of racing car-bed for kids. Speedoletto is a children’s bed with wheels. It’s inspired by racing cars but from a minimalist point of view. It’s versatile and more contemporary. The best thing of this bed is that it can be adapted to a kids’ room and to the coolest young spaces. Its simple design eases this task to get a better result.

Speedoletto is defined as a seat-bed-car with wheels created by the designer Fanny Rognone who —as a mum— knows the importance of purchasing timeless kids’ furniture with simple lines and many uses. This kids’ bed can be adapted to every designer or Scandinavian kids’ room.


This bed is not very high so kids can use it in an easy way when they very young. Furthermore, they can be stacked up thanks to this space over the wheels so you can have a higher bed that can be divided whenever you need it. It helps to save space with its beautiful design. It’s very functional, don’t you think?

They are made with birch plywood sheets and there are four available colours : white, blue, grey and yellow although you can ask for a customized one. We really think this is a very funny furniture with a great and simple design so it will be suitable for a young space when they require it. It will also be a great sofa for resting areas. There’s a smaller size available for nurseries and kindergartens.


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