Stay Little is one of those brands which tries to bring magic to kids’ lives in order to extend their fantasy childhood as much as possible.  Dreams are their inspiration and thrill their main tool. This can be easily appreciated in their clothes that seem to have been taken from a fairy tale!

What can You Find? 

Their trendy and elegant clothes are suitable for babies and kids until 16. Fashion is always a good way to dream and express ourselves. Stay Little is proves that. We don´t want to grow up!, its motto, is a clear example of the brand’s philosophy. Let´s keep dreaming, let´s live childhood once and again! This is the message of their cool designs. Every single piece has that special charming touch…


Quality, exclusivity and, of course, an amazing and magic design are the main concepts to describe the shop’s identity. They want to make them unique and there is no doubt they know how to get it! Kids are turned into fairy tales’ characters; these clothes offer them the chance to come into their favourite stories to feel the magic inside them…


As we have mentioned, exclusivity is one of their strength points, that’s why they only create 20 pieces for size. This is a way to avoid losing the “magic charm” of being unique… as you can see they take fantasy seriously, this is how they enchant us!