Spring sunny days make us think about great plans outside and, of course, on the beach. We can’t wait to relax near the sea with those lovely smells of summer. Stella Cove helps us to imagine it in a fashion way. Have you seen their amazing swimwear collection for girls? It so charming that we need to show some of our favourite pieces. Here you are five but you must visit their site to avoid missing any single detail.

Luxury on the Beach

Colour, fashion and elegance are the key to get this fantastic piece. Girls will feel unique wearing it!


                                         Luxury Swimsuit by Stella Cove

Lovely 60’s

Do you remember the fantastic feeling of enjoying summer as a girl? Share it with your daughter with this great vintage designs!


Flower swimsuit by Stella Cove


Pink bikini by Stella Cove

Colour me, please!

Summer is full of contrasts and bright colours which can be easily combined with each other. These models are great examples of sweet colourful summer relaxation and we really like them!


Colourful swimsuit by Stella Cove


Cool Fashion after Beach

Summer doesn’t only mean beach. There are parties, events and lots of social activities to show their greatest clothes. Don’t miss their wonderful selection of dresses!


Colourful dresses by Stella Cove

Can you feel it? Summer is near! Start enjoying it with this cute brand and fall in love with it!

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Photography: Wanda Kujacz