What child doesn’t love stickers? Mine adores them! Kids use them to create bespoke artwork, to make fantastic collages or to decorate and personalise notebooks, lunch boxes, books…whatever! Recently I have discovered The Sticker Club, a weekly sticker subscription club, delivering high quality crafted stickers to children around the world.

Jakub Grochola or Lienke Raben are some of the talented illustrators and graphic designers selected for this project. You will find great and different styles and also a wide range of themes: animals, robots, hearts, monsters, flowers, aliens, ice-creams…


The concept is simple, sign up and each week you will receive 9 sticker sheets with a minimum of 40 stickers per week.


Each of the sticker parcels has a high-quality uniquely themed sticker set. The sheets are made from high-quality paper with non-toxic inks (and non-marking glue!).


Let your imagination fly and give your child’s items a special touch. Create, decorate and have fun!

+info: The Sticker Club