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Fairies and wonderful Nordic landscapes and stories are the source of inspiration for Story North, a shop located in Southern England. We can see the North magic in every single piece and there’s no doubt that inspiration and dreams are its speciality!

Everything from little toys to decorative items is made with natural materials so they help us to fill our home with all the energy and peace we can find in nature. What a wonderful way to turn a kids’ room into one magic scene plenty of charm!

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We really like those clean and sophisticated designs we can find in every single product: lamps, bedding sets, toys, rugs, hangers…Everything is so cute that we are simply in love with this e-store.

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It seems that every piece is surrounded by a calm halo that covers everything around it…we are sure that including these elements in the kids’ room will provide them a total time for relax!

Neutral colours are the base of their collection so we can easily combine them with all the styles you can imagine: romantic, eclectic and —of course— Scandinavian kids’ rooms! Minimalist designs are really elegant and you can add as many as you want, they will never be too much!

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As they say on their site, every single product tells a different story so we are sure kids’ will love being surrounded but those wonderful tales, don’t you think? Let them create their own fantasy world with this creative décor shop and live happily ever after!

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