Carrie needed a way to label her child’s belongings and, as usually, she couldn’t find a great way to do it. She thought she could create a business which allowed her spending as much time with her baby as possible so she founded Stuck on You, the original label company in 1995. This brand is completely managed by her family although, nowadays, they are present  all over the world. Their characteristic designs, quality and love have turned this small business into the first label company for kids.

What Can You Find?

The funny quality and colourful labels are a must and, of course, they are their star product. Latest technologies have improved their production and, nowadays, they can be totally customized with their favorite characters.

They have completed their offer with a huge range of products including bags, lunch boxes, party complements, stationery, clothing, puzzles and gifts. All of them share the same quality and special design which parents look for.


Stuck on You labels are specially designed for kids, they are resistant, and carefully created according to their tastes and needs. Every colour, every font, every motif is a bit of magic for children’s daily life.


They have offices all over the world in order to manage the orders in a faster way, offering you the best service.