Budenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg Giebichenstein

Milano Design Week brings lots of novelties because there are many great ideas linked to kids’ furniture, in fact, we think they are becoming the next trends. This project was presented by German students from the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. They created four pieces, three pieces of furniture and stackable lanterns.

Some time ago we showed you some gorgeous creative projects (toys and furniture for children) from students of this university, and this year eight students dealt with the interior furnishing of children’s rooms and created a shelf, bed, table, chair and lamps in an imaginative manner. The result is “Play – Children’s Furniture as a Material of Imagination“.

The first piece is that original shelf that offers space to keep books or toys as well as a play area. It includes modular pieces which can be removed to create ramps to play with cars or create buildings.

House-shaped Kids’ Bed

Budenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg GiebichensteinBudenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg Giebichenstein

This bed is a wonderful space, we have seen funny beds for kids, and also themed ones but in this case, it’s not only a space to play during the day is really functional as this only piece has several uses. It has a fabric roof with a whole used as a window so they can transform it into a theatre, a refuge or whatever they can imagine. The front includes some boxes to keep toys and books.

Dynamic Kids’ Desk

Budenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg GiebichensteinBudenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg Giebichenstein

Kids’ rooms must always include a study area for kids because they are going to need a functional and peaceful space when they grow up. This table is also useful to wake up their creative side by painting or writing. The design shows simple lines but offers some storage space under the table and also this blackboard to draw.

Cool Lamps

Budenzauber - Spiel & Lehrmittel Burg Giebichenstein

The collection is completed with these simple design kids’ lamps that are available in different sizes and can be changed everywhere or stacked. There’s no doubt the students world is plenty of creativity!

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