This design studio was founded in 2012 by two designers: Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mouriamé. Both of them loved creativity and exclusivity so they created their own brand where wood, simplicity, amusement and colour are their sources of inspiration. Lots of talent devoted to create a children’s universe plenty of fun.

They are really worried about the processes so every single detail is carefully monitored. From the choice of materials to (birch plywood and other materials certified for children use) to the last touches like the packaging, they control all!

What Can You Find?

The main feature of its furniture is creativity and fun. They want to fill kids’ daily life with joy, colour and originality in order to stimulate their imagination. These two designers enjoy their job and this can be easily appreciated in their creations! Furthermore, every single piece is carefully produced to guarantee their safety.

Every single collection is and exhibition of talent and imagination, both furniture (mainly tables and chairs) and toys (yes, they also create amazingly cute toys) will provide that personal touch you are looking for


Wood is the key concept in this company. They know exactly what to do with it and, as you can see, they do it very well!


All their products are printed with the technique of the silkscreen to get a bright result which will fill your home with colourful happiness!