Plywood. It’s been a trend for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We are a little bit in love with this beautiful wood and are glad that the plywood look is here to stay.

There is something timeless and innocent about plywood which makes it a beautiful option for a kids room. Kids won’t outgrow it and it brings a light softness to the room.

There are lots of different ways to introduce plywood into a kids room from plywood walls to plywood furniture and accents. You can even go for a floor to ceiling plywood look like in the room pictured above. Even with so much plywood, the room feels spacious and inviting.

Today, we are sharing some stunning ways to add plywood to a kids room all of which creates a calm and stylish space:

Plywood is particularly great for making your own custom furniture as it is not very expensive and you can seamlessly combine furniture with storage, like in this room above. We love the clever idea of this long double bed for two kids and all that storage underneath.

Having one wall covered in plywood is another striking way of adding a plywood feature. We especially love how they have gone a step further in this room, by making a recessed shelf to display some pretty toys and clothes.

Because of the natural state of plywood, it’s easy to paint in any colour under the sun. In this room, the mix of natural plywood and soft blue looks beautiful. Once again the bed and all the storage come together so effortlessly. More kids room in blue here.

Plywood is not just for walls and furniture.Here we have the floor covered in plywood and very simple plywood beds and cabinet, paired with lots of white. The result is a light and minimal space with lots of character.

Last is this room which uses plywood everywhere! This tiny room actually sleeps 3 kids and not only is there a bed for each but there is lots of built in storage. Plywood is especially great to make the most of a tiny room as the storage and furniture can be easily combined without anything looking too overwhelming or heavy.

Are you in love with plywood yet? We are so tempted to re-decorate all our rooms today!

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