Such a Great Heights is one of those special shops for dreamers. Since these Australian entrepreneurs came to NY, their lovely textile collection has been increased with home decoration and women and children’s stuff.

What can you find? 

Lots of carefully selected decorative textile elements, lovely home decoration pieces created exclusively by great illustrators (take a look to those amazing round cushions created by Mathilde Gheluwe!) and also apparel and complements for both kids and women. The collaboration with those artists has provided them unique and special pieces that will make you dream awake every time you take a look to them.



Textiles are their star product. Pillow covers, clutches, dresses…all of them show amazing prints that will add this chic touch you are looking for your kids’ room. The dollhouse cover created by La Casita de Wendy is a great example of all the special things you can find on this cool shop. There is no doubt that tents are one of the “greatest hits” of Such a Great Heights, you can find stylish tents to provide them a magic space where they have their own independence. Printings are also a must. In the picture, you can see a lovely design created by Camilla Engman. Simply lovely, don´t you think?


You can find three different illustrations created by Melbourne-based artists like Gemma Patford Legge and Laura Blythman. If you love finding treasures this trendy shop is the perfect place for you. We are sure you are going to be really satisfied with your purchase!