Children love letting their imagination free and believing they are able to get everything. For that reason, they love superheroes and —today— we bring you an idea to customize their bedroom as if it was Superman’s hideout.


Red, yellow and blue are the DC Comics superhero’s characteristic colours. Although the logo has been changing with time, we all know this yellow S in a diamond-shaped pentagon which reminds us Superman. We can create this outline with a pattern and cut it in a piece of cardboard to paste it on a red wardrobe to follow the original design. Although we can place the logo on an every colour background, blue is the best option because it’s like Superman’s clothes.

Furthermore, we can add the iconic image of the flying superhero with his extended fist. To add depth to the walls, we can draw some skyscrapers like in New York, the real version of Metropolis where Superman lives his adventures.


+info: mormorsglamour

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