We must admit it: we are in love with the Nordic style. It’s simple, soft and really cool. We could show you too many Scandinavian bedrooms, but there is always a new one which makes us fall in love. This is Freja’s room, she is a very lucky girl with a lovely room!



In this case, B&W option is not the chosen style although we must remind you that there exist lots of wonderful rooms with these tones. Here, we can find some touches of pink and grey combined in a funny way, never too much. Details like soft toys, cushions, the moons prints and the paper pompoms are an important part of this special atmosphere.

Details must always be considered. Soft cushions and toys that seem so lovely and funny…they create a cosy atmosphere both for kids and adults.

A kids’ space requires a special place to let their imagination fly. A tepee is always a good space for it. We love those corners where they can invent their own stories or where they can read their first tales…This is something that they will always remember.



The best of those simple children’s spaces is that they are created to be adapted to their growth. Elements will change, the crib will become a big bed, but the main aspects like the white and peaceful background will be kept. Only some details require to be replaced so this is a functional style.

It’s a space to play and to sleep, where they have their favourite things. You can give them some autonomy with those storage bags where they can keep all their toys by themselves. Space must not only be nice but also helpful for developing their skills while they are growing up.



There’s no doubt we love every single detail in Freja’s room. A funny and dreamy space which every kid would love, don’t you think?

Via Monbebecheri