Today we bring you a kids’ room to prove that less is often more: soft tones, practical and just a few details. The feeling about this room for girls is relaxed and calmed. A simple space with soft tones where elegance and sweetness are the keys. The study or play area includes a white and wooden desk and a chair, according to the Nordic style. But there are other details that remind that natural Scandinavian world such as the wicker basket or the crochet lamp.

Kids’ Room with Soft Pastel Tones


This girl’s room was created by Marie-Estelle, the founder of the concept store Yellow Flamingo and we founded on Mon Bébé Chéri. Apart from the dull green colour on the walls, this bedroom room also includes pink tones. We can see some pale pink in the curtains, in some pictures and also in the bedding. We really like simple kids’ rooms like with subtle shades invite light and there is enough space to play.


The mix of warm wood and some cold tone like that dull green (almost grey) are the perfect combination. They have chosen timeless pieces such as the round shelf, the pictures with soft tones or the bedding set with plain tones.

Decorative Accessories for Nordic Style


If you want to provide your kids’ room with personality, you need decorative accessories. In this case, they have been chosen according to Scandinavian trends. Simple pieces made of natural materials such as wood or wicker. It also shows details with lots of character like that gold shelf with postcards that becomes the focus of attention on that white wall.



Wooden toys make us fall in love. Always. They are ecological, they have that charm of traditional toys and, in addition, they are a wonderful decorative element. But we can also find many other original ideas such as covering the light wire with fabric.

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