We fall in love every time we find a room that makes us dream. This is one of those cases. This girl’s bedroom designed by_betina Instagram is full of creativity, style and trendy details. Soft tones, Nordic design, comfortable spaces…it has everything to get a wonderful result where harmony is a common factor which wraps the whole room.

Although white and wood are the base of this sober atmosphere, pale pink, grey and black are used to create a whimsical look where childhood magic is showed by the dreamy elements of the set: lovely posters, a tutu, a cute wallpaper and, of course, those amazing wall decorations.

girls-room-scandinavian-style (4)

One if our favorite pieces of the room is a DIY. A house, shelves and desk, all made out of only one piece of plywood. The structure and the lots of well-chosen details (such as Piratebunny print) create a comfy and very personal nook. We can easily imagine a little girl making crafts, reading and playing, right?

girls-room-scandinavian-style (5)

girls-room-scandinavian-style (6)

girls-room-scandinavian-style (7)

Another focus of attention is that cute playhouse. It‘s “that” special touch every kids’ room must have. We are sure they are going to live great adventures there while they read, draw and imagine everything they want. Add some cute cushions, lights and a blanket and they will spend the whole day there! A little castle for your little princess!

girls-room-scandinavian-style (2) (1)

The room has also a kids study area. String system is a modern classic perfect for small spaces. It is beautiful, minimal, can be mounted on the wall, and lends itself to almost infinite variations, with desktops, drawers and shelves.

Instagram is always a great source of inspiration full of little treasures! Do you dare to look for them? Use it to create wonderful spaces for your little ones, we are sure they will love all of them as much as we do!

+Info by_betina