This brand, locates in Switzerland, creates quality fake tattoos for both kids and adults. Their designs are carefully created by artists and emerging talents. Their huge choice of models helps them to get more and more fans who love their quality and cool designs. Furthermore, they fulfill all the quality standards to guarantee an absolute safety.

What can you find?

Their lovely kids’ designs are the perfect present for your guests. Kids love tattoos, and colour and magic and parties! They will enjoy all these tattoos created specially for them! Moustaches, stars, rainbows, castles, balloons, birthday parties’ elements…they are so cool! It will become a wonderful souvenir and –furthermore- they will have a lot of time to enjoy them!


Design and quality are their characteristic features not only in kids’ but also in adults’ tattoos. If you take a look to their site you will soon realize what passion for tattoo is. All their creations are simply impeccable. They follow trends like those metallic tattoos which have been a must since the last summer and are included too!


You can create your own design for special events like birthdays or wedding, you just have to contact them! Do you dare to try? You will love the result!