Autumn is here. Many rainy afternoons when there’s nothing to do, when everything is boring…there are lots of ideas to avoid kids watching TV all the day, they will stimulate their mind and will help them to create new things. Pay attention to this!

This idea is as simple that many of you have probably tried it in your childhood. Kids who love comics and stories tend to create their own characters and tales. This game is also a way to hook those who don’t like reading or spend the whole day watching TV. They will be able to open their minds and immerse themselves in imaginary worlds. Provided that they create their own comics, their motivation is increased.

The creation process is very simple, you can even download templates to do it online on Picklebums blog or do them by hand. They can cut or colour the characters to create their stories. They will be painters, writers and creators of worlds so their mind will develop lots of skills with this simple game.

Here you are some ideas for all ages. It’s another DIY game to inspire you and to give you creative and funny ideas to help them to dream.

Via Cuteandkids

+info and downloads:  Picklebums