Today we bring you a different brand. Maybe due to the gorgeous photos of the lookbook but every time we visit its website we feel like if we have found a wonderful treasure which make us fall in love once and again!

Morley for kids has surpassed itself again with its A/W 2014 collection. It was created only 4 years ago, but its kids and young clothes have won us!


Its style is really feminine and sweet. Colour wraps the design and pastel and autumn tones fill every plain garment, while bucolic, natural and Japanese-inspired prints are present in coats and skirts.


We can’t choose our favourite option, but we really love the outfit created with the orange pullover and the blue shirt and skirt. We think is perfect for any event at any time. Childhood and innocence are represented in this collection which—at the same time— is full of cool trends. This jersey and shirt mix is the latest for both mums and kids! Furthermore, we love the coat with that original print…It´s like a real tree! Simply Spectacular!




We believe the best of this brand is the quality of its textiles and the mix of colours and prints. What do you love of Morley?

+info: Morley for kids