Halloween is almost here, it’s one of the funniest holidays of the whole year. We usually say that about every single holiday but Halloween has that “special touch”, that terrifying feeling that we love because everybody likes fear. If you are reading this maybe it’s because you are also preparing your Halloween celebration! This is the perfect place to do it because we bring some ornamental elements for your Halloween party! Orange and black are the star colours of this celebration!


If you are preparing a party, food must be as important as decoration. You must serve horrific things like skulls, muffins with bugs, eye-shaped sweets and all those things we prepare for this event. You must get an original presentation, this is the key for success! You can find cool plates at Little Lulubel, as well as other Halloween complements. We are really in love with those little ghost-shaped candles with the pumpkins, they are really funny!


Balloons are a must in every single party, don’t you think? They are great and really helpful to create a suitable atmosphere and kids love them! In this case, they are simply amazing: a witch, a cat, a skeleton…they are the perfect accessory for your fancy dress and will be really useful to create wonderful photos!


Now we are talking about photos, you must include one of those trendy photobooths or photocalls. You can collect a huge selection of glasses, masks, bow ties, hats and even canine teeth to experience an unforgettable photo shoot! Oh, we can’t wait to go to the party!

There are a lot of ways to be creative in your party, the decoration is not all. You must adapt every single detail to the theme. Spider webs, ghosts and those bottles with formol will provide a terrifying look! You can also add a young touch with funny disposable glasses, fancy dresses for kids and some bags of sweets for your guests!

Visit Little Lulubel, there, you will find lots of ideas to create an amazing party. Have you see those finger little monsters? They are just a little detail but so lovely…You can use them to tell frightening stories and have a good time!

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