The season is changing so we also like changing the atmosphere of our home. If you want to provide a different touch to your kids’ room without changing the whole space, you can add some of the duvet covers we show you here. They have been created by Goosebumps and they are a great touch plenty of colour and joy. The most surprising element is that every single piece is different from others, so you will get inspiration from different ideas.

Their main feature is their bright colours and prints that fill everything of intense and stimulating tones. Animals are always a great theme for children rooms so it’s not strange that they have chosen zebras and tigers.


The jungle comes to the kids’ room with this textile plenty of tropical leaves and cool colours. Another advantage is that these duvet covers are reversible so they have a different print in every single side, it’s like a 2×1!

This duvet cover has made us fall in love with that animal print which is adapted to the children’s world. It’s available in several colours with matching pillows and the animal’s legs printed on the other side. Just wild and funny!


These textiles are suitable for different spaces like refuges, caves and playing spaces. Teepees are wonderful ideas to boost their imagination, they offer a space to play and- if they have these exotic and flashy textiles, kids will have an exciting adventure every day!


The inspiration and pictures we show here belongs to clients of this brand who have uploaded their pictures to Instagram. They have been able to mix different textiles and include these flashy and colourful duvet covers. There is every kind of ideas but, in general, we can see simple spaces with some pictures that become duvet covers into the focus of attention.


Here, you can even find and inspiring nursery which mixes pastel tones and bright colours with this bedding set. That’s also a great idea to a shared room. Which is your favourite one?

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