This colourful brand was founded in 2012 in Barcelona by two creative friends, Ani and Bego. They got the inspiration from design, colours and art. Their products are timeless and fill their routine with joy and colour. This is something really necessary for them and their development. Furthermore, organic materials always mean a guarantee for parents, specially if they respect the environment.

What Can You Find?

Creativity is the concept here. Modern designs -created in collaboration with important artists- are ready to dress those modern kids who enjoy wearing different cool things.

You can also find amazing complements like their cool backpacks or toys like UFO, a very special soft toy which will provide lots of new stories to their infinite creativity! WHAT ABOUT the toy guitars? They are soft, they are colourful they are…great! Lots of design to wake up their inner star!


Colour and different designs are their personal features. Difference and unique daring products are their little treasure! Special designs are really difficult to find, specially if they are made by true artists. These pieces are exceptional and a perfect way to provide that special touch to your kids’ wardrobe


The Lazy Jellyfish comes from 80’s. This is something we can appreciate in their colours and flashy designs. Pop-glamour is a good way to describe them!