Happy New Year to you all (albeit a slightly belated New Year).

Reflecting back over the last year, 2020 was certainly an unusual and very difficult year for many. As yet 2021 has not quite been the fresh start that we hoped for either. However throughout the periods of lockdown that we have experienced, our family homes have had to become safe, multifunctional space’s for both children and adults. Somewhere to study, work, play, create, eat, relax, argue, laugh and love.

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So why is home so important to children?

Even in a ‘normal’ times, children spend more time at home than anywhere else and around 1/3 of a child’s life is spent in their bedroom.

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As human beings continually interact with their physical and social environment. It is important that a child’s environment allows them to the freedom to explore, experiment and imitate the world around them. Having an area that exclusively belongs to the child helps develop their personality and builds self confidence and independence. Belonging and familiarity also enable them to develop a strong sense of who they are and where they come from. It is also important that the child likes their surroundings (Yalcin M, Yildirim K, Bozday A ( 2015).

‘A child’s room is a place where they lay the foundations for their future’


A child’s room should be dominated by them, not the adults. It should encourage children’s movements, whatever their educational needs. It should provide comfort, beauty and stimulation. The design of a child’s space should also encourage them to be creative, imaginative, sensitive and original (Yalcin M, Yildirim K, Bozday A ( 2015).

Decor that inspires learning!



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