Miffy lights

Here a Petit and Small we are all about the best in kids design. Today we are focusing on the the playful, Dutch design studio, Mr Maria. You may have come across the Iconic Mr Maria Miffy lights, which we have featured many times across our blog. However Mr Maria actually has a whole family of lovely characters that are perfect for anyone, young or old.

Playfulness, character, security, peacefulness.

The world of Mr Maria celebrates innocence and is designed to make us smile. Each piece is designed to inspire playfulness, promote comfort and security and surround us in peacefulness. Their timeless design becomes a part of your family home for many years, sitting effortlessly in any interior.

From lights to beanbags, each design has its own characteristics and personality. Every product is safe and durable, sustainable and designed with convenience in mind. The lights have features such as a remote control, a dimmable LED and a rechargeable battery. Beanbags and poufs are soft, yet washable. This allows them to be used anywhere in the home, or taken with you when travelling. The Mr Maria characters can actually accompany children in their daily adventures.

Mr Maria miffy light

Mr Maria Snuffy

Imagination,  happiness and positivity are at the heart of the company’s ethos. No matter which Mr Maria character you choose to share your home with, Miffy, Brown Bear, Snuffy the sitter or Miffy the pouf. They will become a friend for life. Heirlooms to be passed onto future generations, with fond childhood memories.

Our favourite?

Choosing a favourite Mr Maria character is a truly difficult decision!! However, our first choice would have to be the award winning and iconic Mr Maria Miffy light Small, medium or large, we’re not fussy!!!

Which member of the Mr Maria family would you choose, to bring a little magic into your home?


Just to let you know that this is a sponsored post and a small fee was received for publishing this article. However we only ever collaborate with brands who share the same beliefs and values about kids design, as we do here at Petit and Small.