Creating a room for teenager’s and young people is fun but can also be somewhat tricky! Designing a space that can adapt to their changing tastes and needs. Incorporating current trends and teenage wishes, yet creating a space that will stand the test of time can very be challenging. Speaking from experience!!!

However, with the launch of Nidi’s new collection ‘NEXT’, young people can have the most beautiful room, that both they and their parents agree on!!

Girls teenage room

NEXT is designed for young people aged 13 to 25. The designs are based on understanding that children have grown and changed, respecting their needs and their independence. Recognising that they don’t want to feel like “kids” any more. In fact quite the opposite, the desire to feel (and have other people see them as) “grown up”.

Nidi has introduced a sense of being open to the next level, whatever it may be. Offering unrestricted freedom. Rather than young adults (a term widely used in marketing), these older girls and boys are the next adults (which gives more of a sense of leaning towards the future), rather than imperfect, transitional, hybrid adults in the making.

The products feature pared-back lines and functional details. Finishes are neutral and the colour palette is designed to appeal to a more grown-up age group.

Bed with storage

The Next range includes the stackable Regoli modules that can be put together as desired. Creating raised beds or organising the space to create a beds that also provides storage.

The multifunctional Loop system, is a collection of rods, connectors, shelves and accessories that can be mixed and matched to put belongings on show and keep them handy. Loop can be used as a TV mount set in a recess or on top of base units and wall units, and in its freestanding desk version.

Wooden Dots wall panelling that can be accessorized to fit out a study area or wardrobe interiors, together with the Dots floor cushion/bed; and Wally, the customizable wall system that doubles either as a walk-in closet, or as a study nook.

For the digital savvy youngsters under mounted wireless charging units, bluetooth speakers, USB sockets and LED lighting can be incorporated into the design.

Nidi’s NEXT also offers parents peace of mind, reliability and fantastic design, while their children get products and style that suit this stage of their life 

To see more of the NEXT collection visit Nidi.


This is a sponsored post. However we only collaborate and feature brands whose values are in line with our own and the products we would choose for our own children.