Creating an exclusive universe for our little ones is an important task if we want to guarantee a magic childhood with plenty of beautiful and special memories. Lianne, the talented founder of The Pippa & Ike Show, knows that. As a designer, she felt that she  wanted to include a lot of art and creativity in her own children’s lives, so she started her shop.


In her shop she gathers products illustrated by amazing artists from all over the world. Items that combine art, creativity and functionality in every single piece. Why not turn reality into a fantastic world where everything is possible?

Take a look at that tea set illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius, tea time will become a game!


And what about all the prints, the cushions, the bedding, or the printed plates and bowls? They are the perfect ‘giftwrap’ for their colourful dreams! We fell in love with every single picture!


Have you seen that bear bedding set? We need it! The reversible pillow case shows the bear’s happy face on one side and a sleepy one on the other. Can it be more lovely?


Quality, design, art, love and excitement are key words to understand The Pippa and Ike Show’s philosophy, which we completely love.

There is no doubt this shop knows how to make kids (and grown-ups) dream! Imagination and happiness are found in every product, bathing your child’s life in colourful magic. Enjoy their spirit!

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