As parents, we’re always trying to find ways to make learning fun for our children. Luckily, there are so many creative brands these days coming up with the coolest ideas to help us out! Today we want to introduce you to one of our latest discoveries: the wonderful designers behind The Jam Tart.

Combining contemporary interior design and their love for typography is the key to their visually engaging collection of wall prints, banners, flash cards and colouring books among others. We never thought the alphabet could look this good!

Flash Cards

We can’t think of a better “bait” for our kids to learn the alphabet than turning each letter into a fun hiding animal. The same way older kids and grown ups use flash cards in order to learn foreign languages, these stylised alphabet cards will help the little ones in the family learn the basics while guessing and having lots of fun.

You’ll find an animal and a supporting simple sentence on the front of each card in order to facilitate memorising, and an uppercase and lowercase letter on the back. Additionally, you can buy them either in colour or black and white for the monochrome style lovers among us. We also think these could be a great way to start getting familiar with the English language from an early age if your kids are non-English speakers!


The Jam Tart offers plenty of options for those looking for ways to decorate their children’s bedroom. You can choose from a range of playful and clever prints featuring animal idioms or puns such as “Cheeky Monkey” or “Turtley Awesome”, or you could make it extra special by getting a personalised print with your little one’s initial. Either way, the adorable animal design is surely going to capture your kid’s attention!

Colouring Book

Colouring books for adults have been such a hit lately, but The Jam Tart wants to offer fabulous modern designs for our children to have fun while colouring as well. Featuring the same 26 stylised animals letters as the aforementioned flash cards plus patterned end papers and a ‘this book belongs to’ illustration, this book is sure to make an impact on your little one’s learning process!

Wall Stickers

Finally, we are also big fans of their alphabet wall stickers. Colourful and engaging, they are a great addition to blank walls in your children’s bedroom. There are so many ways in which you could arrange them! Check The Jam Tart‘s Instagram for some fun combinations. Also suitable for windows if you’ve run out of wall space!

If you like these designers’ original items as much as we do make sure you check their online shop for more ideas and follow them on social media for some great inspiration on interior design for children.

+ info: The Jam Tart