I like to search creative projects designed by talented people from all over the world. Unique toys and games for kids, decoration ideas, baby stuff, children’s books and much more…I especially love to find little treasures to share with you.

Happy Friday and a few photos and products I found this week. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Mödernaked & ChispumMödernaked & Chispum2

At Chispum, they’re always thinking about new projects. Now they’ve joined Mödernaked, a lifestyle and accessories brand handcrafted in Spain, to create two really beautiful backpacks inspired in the traditional line notebooks. Available in nude and black.


Take the road and begin a new adventure in this RARA MOBILIS by Wat Cat. The world becomes smaller if you drive these very special (and unique) cars.


Lovely girl’s dress from Caramel baby and child via .It’s back to school time and renew kid’s wardrobe.


Learn to sing like a bird and speak to the birds! These handmade bird calls are simple and beautiful educational toys for children and adults alike. Also great in combination with the Beautiful Birds book.

What are you loving this week?

First picture: Neutral nursery nook from A Merry Mishap. It’s so clean, calmy and stylish!

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