tictoc-studio-paper12I’ve recently discovered the work of a creative duo from Rome: Edoardo De Falchi & Amauta Ciriachi so I wanted to share some images with you. They’re the founders of Tictoc Studio and create paper accessories for kids and their rooms.

They produce paper toys, accessories (paper bracelets, crowns and rings), decor for children’s room (Tictoc Dragon, Tictoc Space Fish or Titoc Volcanoes) all of them in bold colours and geometrical shapes.


You can create a game with masks and dices made from a poster,


or make your paper bat rings (perfect for Halloween. You can view a tutorial here).


How not love a postcard that can be transformed it into a monkey paper toy?



So grab some paper, scissors and glue and get to work!

+ info: Tictoc Studio