This-Is-Karton-Dollkit1 This-Is-Karton-_Dollkit2

Have you seen the cute Dollkit? It’s a funny dolls’ house from the inside to the outside. The façade can be painted and you can decorate the inside with furniture and included adhesive objects.

Three young architects build these cardboard houses for children. We know that it sounds strange, but there’s an explanation for it. Andrea, Mar and Mariona started their education with the purpose of building a better world through architecture and creating their dreamed houses.  In spite of the construction crisis, these three enterprising girls didn’t give up they dreams and went on creating something real, useful, worthy and environmentally-friendly. After hours and lots of creativity, they founded TIK.

This-Is-Karton_Housekit3 Housekit-This-Is-Karton4

Housekit is a small great house. It is really movable and can be folded and easily dismantled. Children paint and decorate to customize their own space while they play.

This Is Karton is a set of cardboard toys which allow children learning how to value the game itself in a simple and creative way, just using their imagination. Furthermore, they aren’t here to stay, that’s the point! TIK houses are made of 100% highly resistant recyclable white cardboard. Someday, they will understand that things can’t be thrown up and they can help environment with their toys.

Playkit_This-Is-Karton5 This-Is-Karton-_Playkit6

Playkit is a 2in1 toy. It is formed by a kitchen where little chefs can prepare their tasty products to sell them later at their shop. Double fun!

Their design is very cool and they include some neat stickers to decorate them, furthermore, you can paint their walls. Everything is possible! They offer a really interesting price and all their sets include setting up instructions, and a fabric box to keep or transport them easily.