Toca Boca is a game studio which has already won several prizes. It is always innovating to offer new and surprising things. This time, it has created a children’s app (for both mobile phones and tablets), Toca Nature which allow children exploring nature from home.

Discovering magical places, meeting squirrels, getting around places full of charm and mystery…These are some experience that every child needs to feel. Maybe, they had previously learned to love natural spaces so they will find this app really funny.


The presentation for this children’s app has been developed by Mokkasin and it’s very evocative. The photos show the special feeling children experiment when they spend a day in nature. Their creativity grows up and they begin to look for new adventures every time.

They will have the chance to create their own forest with Toca Nature, making trees grow, placing a mountain wherever they want and creating all the details they want. Once you have created it, they can collect mushrooms and berries, play in the mountains or feed the animals.



This studio knows that playing is the best way to learn and grow up, so they create useful and funny apps. They can even play with their friends and face challenges so the game will always be interesting for them. The digital world can also be useful to keep them active and happy.

Maybe the weather doesn’t allow you to visit a spectacular natural space but don’t worry. They can create it everywhere even at night. Let them enjoy this explorer spirit!


+info: Toca Boca

via Mokkasin