“Tocotó vintage comes from my love for my children, my love for the sea and my small island of Formentera.The romanticism, nostalgia, pushed me to recover old patterns and garments purchased in antique markets in my many travels.

Finishes with meticulous care, with weatheres dusty colours ranging from grey, taupe, pink and weathered blue, all wrapped in a harmonious combination of hoods, and lace edgings. Furthermore, very important in the collection, delightful mini jerseys with handmade and vintage effect.”

This is the lovely presentation we have found on their website. There is nothing to add. Could it be more lovely?

What Can You Find? 

As they mention in their presentation they offer kids ‘clothes inspired by a vintage style. Every garment shows this special charming of old treasures found during a shopping day in those lovely markets abroad. You can find clothes for kids between 0 and 8 years old, all of them sharing those original colours that bring us to a glam past, the patterns, the materials…everything helps to get that “nostalgia feeling” that we really love.

Their clothes are classic but they have been updated in some lovely way to have that great look.


Charm is the common feature of their quality clothing . If you want to have “that magic touch” in your kids’ wardrobe this is the best place to find it. Just take a look to their look books and you will realize that they use “pure charm” to create their garments.


Tocotó sells this products all over the world: Spain, USA, Italy, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait…charm is everywhere!