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Imagine a little of poetry, mixed with a pinch of  design and fun. Think about an object that is a sculpture, play, tool of experimentation. Sounds good, right? Thus, you ‘ll find all that and more in the creations of TocTocLAB.

Behind TocTocLAB there is Matteo Bissaca, a designer and father that mixes creativity and poetry to give birth to tools intended to foster creative interaction between kids and grownups. All his creations are open tools which offer the chance to practice creative thinking and allow kids achieve compositions that go beyond stereotypical forms and predefined models.

These objects are versatile, openness and surprisingly innovative. Kids use materials that know very well: paper, scissors, elastic bands, wooden yardsticks, water, colours. Adults just guide kids into the design process. Let’s have a closer look!

Puddle, An Ever-Changing Painting


Let your children create their very own small work of art with this “table”. Here is a puddle for interiors in a wooden frame and also a table for experimentation and artistic creation.

Pour, mix, blow, shake, blend, scatter...whatever you can imagine! By filling it up with water and white tempera you obtain a “liquid board” on which you can create dynamic paintings which ceaselessly fluctuate. Let few drops of liquid watercolor fall on its surface and blow them gently giving birth to multicolor ever-changing drawings. You can also carry out experiments with other colour types, techniques of mixing or also put small floating materials on the water to make your compositions.

PaperJoy, your Personal World of Shapes

toctoclab-paperjoytoctoclab-paperjoy (2)

Design unlimited shapes with PaperJoy, a modular frame to create 3D shapes with paper contours. A building, a park, a mountain…the possibilities are endless!

Place cut out paper contours between the wooden slats fitted with magnets on the designed sequences that little by little you will learn to draw. You and your kid can use coloured papers, drawing and colouring the paper, folding or cutting it. Let’s fly your imagination!

Metrosauro, Moulding your Creatures Inches by Inches


Invent 3D shapes through modular elements made up with folding yardsticks. With Metrosauro, your kid can design unlimited shapes just folding the yardsticks as you like and making them slide into their tracks to the desired position.

With this plaything, your kids will develop their design aptitudes and have fun. There are no right or wrong answers, but play and experimentation.

Elastricks, an Elastic World of Creativity


Play with parallelism, symmetry, asymmetry, overlap or interlacement with ElasTricks. It’s a wooden blackboard on which you can draw by crossing and intersecting elastic cords.

By inserting the wooden pegs in the holes and stretching the elastics among them you can create unlimited compositions.

What about you? Tell me, do you love to spark your child’s imagination?

If you’re in Milan the next days, you can view Matteo Bissaca’ work at Furisalone and at unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK exhibition.

+ info: Toctoclab