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The bed and the chest of drawers are from Ikea. The bedding, quilt, the blankets and the cushions are from Zara Home while others are DIY. The wooden letters, the garland of lights and the ants are also DIY

Have you seen what a beautiful room? Laura must be its author! This artist runs La Chimenea de Las hadas. If you don’t know her, she is a creative, organized, very sensitive woman but also the queen of DIY! Although she is a documentalist, fashion and nice things have always been her passion. We really like the care included in all her works with share a great romantic touch. She knows how to transform a simple piece into an amazing thing!

We have invited her to know more about her so today she visits Petit & Small to tell us where does all that inspiration come from and, also, because we really want to know it, where does she get all those fantastic pieces to decorate the Lucas’ room…

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I found the elephant in a basket shop from Madrid

Why ‘La Chimenea de Las hadas’?

When I came to Alcalá de Henares, to study at the University, there was a mate who told me that there existed a café called Chimenea de Hadas and that I would love it. I really loved the name but the café was closed so I couldn’t go, and then I decided to use this name if, someday, I founded something. I started the blog in 2008 and I just did it.

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Prints by Menudos Cuadros


The table is from the Casa shop. The house-shaped shelf is DIY. The white table and the chair and the table are from Ikea and the white house-shaped mural is also DIY. Pennants and pictures are from Menudos Cuadros

How can you do those amazing DIY showed on your blog?

Well, the most important steps are the finding of inspiration and materials. Start to create the DIY and, my favourite part, prepare the scene for this DIY.

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The boxes under the bed are from Textura and that with the toys is just an old painted fruit box

What has been your best 2.0 experience until now?

I think is the daily work. I haven’t experienced anything  big enough to say “this is the best”. Every day I try to improve, to learn more and once you receive nice comments, they fill your soul.

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Pompoms are DIY. The white trunk is from Lidl and the cushions from Zara Home and Primark

How do you imagine La Chimenea de Las Hadas in 5 years?

What I dream and what I imagine are different things but they might be mixed. I would like to turn La Chimenea de Las Hadas into a Spanish reference in DIY or, who knows, become international. My dream would be publishing a book with nice DIY, offering workshops, a small on-line shop…dreaming is free.

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After seeing the cute Lucas’ room, we would be glad to receive some tip to decorate a kids’ room

I really like rooms which grow with the kid. I don’t understand why to include a crib into a young room. Lucas’ is a three-year-old boy and according to their things all his experiences are being included in his room.

In order to keep everything organized, trunks or boxes are great places to keep every kind of things. Soft tones are important to create a peaceful atmosphere and some touches of colour to include joy. Of course, personal details are important to provide the space with a soul.

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I found the bamboo chair with the rubbish and I painted it in white

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