Nimio — the company behind Toldina collection — includes a story and a soul in every single piece of their range of products. Francesco, the founder, uses all his love and talent to create amazing wooden furniture with lots of life and special spirits.

Toldina is a collection of lounge chairs and rocking chairs created with beech or pine wooden structures and fabrics that remind sunshades and all the concepts linked to them: summer, hot, sun, ice creams, fun, beach, friends…The fantastic design and quality turn this pieces into “that personal touch” every space needs. Simple aesthetics and colourful textiles make them suitable for all kind of atmospheres, don’t you think?



The collection includes furniture for both kids and adults so you can choose one of those little chairs for the play area or the kids’ room or the biggest for you (you won’t be able to resist it!). 

There are lots of options: chairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, rocking armchairs…and, of course, lots of colours: white, yellow, grey, orange, red…combine them to create the most amazing and colourful house!

MINI RC for kids is the little rocking chair version for children and it’s perfect for a playroom. You can choose between different colour combinations: BEACH (turquoise + white/yellow), PIRATE (white/red + dark grey), CITRUS (mandarin + lemon), and  MANGOBERRY (mango + salmon).


We are sure that summer joy will be everywhere at home as soon as these pieces come! Forget rain and cold weather while you and your little one relax on these comfortable chairs! Let the sun come in!


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