Do you remember when you were a small child and played with puzzles, buildings, blocks, stickers, dolls…? You could create your own objects, towns or universes. They are moments where kids can use creativity and imagination without limits and find surprising solutions.

Design studio Tomogram has designed a playful collection of toys made of various materials, shapes, and colour combinations. Kids can build their own figure and create multiple combinations. To have the choice of assembly and disassembly of the various parts, and painting will be a powerful tool for your children to express individuality and through a simple creation, can change it into their own toy.

The founders of the studio, Taewoo Kim and Minwoo Lee, have designed a series of playthings that encourage creativity and user interaction. Tomogram Toy will remind you of the creative actions and feeling experienced by dolls and toys from your childhood.




The four components of the toys include the head, legs, torso, nose or mouth. All of them come in numerous materials and tones and can be easily separated and combined.



This collection of playthings has an exquisite combination of colours — from pastels to striking red — and diversity of materials: wood, resins, cement and aluminum. Some examples of varieties include wood+gold, ivory+skyblue+ pink, all-red and all-white.




The designers chose the appropriate colouring and finishing for the nature of each part and material. Children can also apply paint to give the objects a unique appearance. These features encourage children to explore their creativity and make a new toy for themselves or their friends every single day!


What do you think about Tomogram? We love the fresh and delicious palette of colours and the use of innovative materials for toys. Endless possibilities of play with shapes, colours and materials. Enjoy!

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