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flamingo-soft-dollsImage Credit: Foxella and Friends

Summer is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to pick out some of our favourite feathered flamingo friends? Flamingos are a big hit this season, and it’s no surprise why… From soft pink to bright salmon, flamingos are well on the way to making pink cool again!

Take a look at our top ten:

1. ‘Fiona Flamingo’ by Foxella and Friends (pictured above).

Is she a toy, or a cushion? Well, Fiona Flamingo is both! She will brighten up the bed, the sofa or the chair, and will happily cuddle your little one to sleep come bed time. She is handmade with love and care in Germany, meaning each one is totally unique and special.

2. Flamingo & Toucan Single Duvet Set by Panda & Ping (above)

Made from soft jersey cotton, this beautiful bedding is the creation of British brand Panda & Ping. Printed all over with bright flamingos and tropical toucans, it is sure to bring a splash of summer magic to your child’s room (and it comes in pyjamas too!)

3. Flamingo Garland and 4. Flamingo Decoration, both available at Bobby Rabbit (below)

This wooden laser-cut garland is hand-painted in Germany by Foxella and Friends and available at Bobby Rabbit. The garland features five flamingos that will happily hang from the shelf, the mantelpiece or on the wall, whilst the handmade salmon pink flamingo from France is a fun accessory for the bed or the shelf:

flamingo-cushions-garlandsImage Credit: Bobby Rabbit

5. ‘Liliana Flamingo’ by Ilka Handmade (below)

Liliana is the star of the show! Totally stunning in every way, she is hand-stitched to order using the most beautiful fabrics, including soft blush pink bridal tulle:

Liliana Flamingo by Ilka Handmade

6. ‘Flamingo Wall Banner‘ by Alwaysforever on Etsy (below)

This pretty flamingo banner is printed in Australia on fresh white linen board paper, and measures 14 x 20cm. With her dainty flower crown, she is sure to please your little princess:

Flamingo Wall Banner’ by Alwaysforeve

7. ‘Just a Touch Flamingos’ Wall Stickers by Mimi’lou (below)

These cute little wall stickers are created in France by Mimi’lou. Including 10 flamingos standing in different positions, they are a creative way to add character and narrative to your little one’s walls!Just a Touch Flamingos’ Wall Stickers by Mimi’lou

8. ‘Tropical Summer’ Suitcase Set, available at Kids Boetiek (below)

This fun suitcase set is perfect for storing away all those treasures – sea shells, garden discoveries and favourite toys!

‘Tropical Summer’ Suitcase Set, available at Kids Boetiek

9. Flamingo Wall Hook by Hello Knobbly available at Bobby Rabbit (below)

These adorable wooden wall hooks make a stunning wall decoration, perfect for displaying bags, necklaces, jewellery and other favourite treasures!

Flamingo Wall Hook by Hello Knobbly

10. Coco Kippin’ Comforter by Kippins, available at Bobby Rabbit (below)

Finally, this beautiful organic cotton comforter from Australian brand Kippins will send babies and toddlers off to sleep in no time, whilst looking pretty adorable too. A wonderful gift for a newborn baby this summer.

Coco Kippin’ Comforter by Kippins

So there we have our top 10. And when they all come together, they look pretty stunning too!

Which flamingo’s your favourite?

flamingo selectionImage Credit: Bobby Rabbit

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