Are you looking for an original addition to your children’s room? Look no further, Spain’s new To the wild‘s got you covered. Trendy and minimalist along the lines of the ever-so-popular Scandinavian style, To the wild will surprise you with their elegant yet playful ideas and inspiring themes.

We think their explorer themed collection will especially suit those parents hoping to encourage their children’s imagination and appetite for adventure. Ready to hear more about what they have in store for us?


The brand’s overarching theme is that of discovery and playfulness, those wonderful characteristics children possess in abundance. In order to materialise it, the designers have picked motifs from the Wild West, adding their own twist to the childhood game we all know so well — Cowboys and Indians. To the wild appeals to a sense of curiosity for places and cultures different to our own.


The teepee is the centerpiece of their new collection Lakota, which means “alliance of friends” in Native American language. As you can see in the above picture, it looks gorgeous when combined with their cleverly designed mountain cushions a simple rug for extra cosiness. If you want to emphasise the Wild West theme even further, the mountain range wall chalkboard is the icing on the cake.

Could there be a better nook to hide in for hours and play, read a book and come up with stories? Sometimes we really wish we could be children again and have inspiring spaces like this one around us all day!


As a detailed oriented company, they have also created plenty of little decorative items such as dreamcatchers, minimalist prints and wall stickers with cute inspiring messages and banners with iconic North American animals to fuel the kid’s passion for discovering such as deer, bears or wolves. And since we are talking animals…don’t forget to have a look at the super original deer heads on wooden poles!


The colour scheme for all of these has been kept simple on purpose: partially because of the general contemporary minimalist trend in interior design, and partially because it suits the theme of leaving space for wonder. It’s important to note how successfully they’ve managed to introduce denim fabric to children’s rooms: from the tepees to the cushions and the deer head, this material serves the purpose of making everything seem very modern.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this lovely company’s concept and that it will inspire you to continue creating spaces where your children can enjoy themselves so they never lose their sense of wonder and curiosity.

Check out their website and tell us, what is your favourite product in this collection? We are big fans of the cushions and the free spirit banner — we might even steal it for our own bedroom!

+info: To the Wild