Gold is such a glitzy and glamorous colour. A little touch of gold goes a long way and can add bags of style to a room. But gold isn’t only for grown-ups.  It works so well in a kids space too, so I often wonder why it’s so under used in kids rooms.

The best part about gold is that it goes with any colour and any style of decor.  Mix it with similar non-metallic shades like mustard and yellow for an almost majestic vibe like in the room above.  Or for a more minimal look, try mixing it with dark blue-grey tones. Gold can be playful or sophisticated, full-on or understated – it just depends on what you like.

Here are 5 different ways to add a touch of gold to a kids room:


For a super stylish and sophisticated look, a subtle patterned gold wallpaper is a great idea.  Use it on a feature wall to create a focal point in the room like behind the bed as they have done in the room above. A gold wallpaper like this one works just as well in a nursery as in a teens room. So not only does it look super stylish, it won’t need updating for years.


For a more playful and less permanent look that you can update as often as you like, you can use gorgeous gold decorations dotted around the room.  Think gold pillows, posters, garlands, bedding and lights.


Perhaps one of my favourite ways of adding gold accents to a kids room is using pretty gold wall stickers.  These gold triangles look so cute and I love the pop of neon pink thrown in with the gold. Gold wall stickers come in so many different patterns including stars, dots and more so you could even mix and match a few different shapes to create your own unique look.


Most of the time, gold furniture can look way too heavy especially in a kids room unless it’s one carefully chosen piece like this chair.  The slim legs and slatted style of the chair keeps it looking fresh and minimal while adding a stylish pop of gold.


Gold isn’t just for girls. In this little boy’s nursery, they’ve created a simple gallery wall using gold picture frames which is another way to introduce a splash of gold in a kids room.  But they’ve gone a step further by having gold curtain poles which look so striking especially against all that dark blue-grey.

A little splash of gold goes a long way and adds a very special touch to any kids room, boy or girl.  Would you consider gold accents for your kids room?

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Nomita Vaish-Taylor is the editor of Ebabee likes, a style guide for babies, young kids and their mamas. She is a style loving girl from Mumbai who now lives in London. When she became a mum, she discovered the inspiring world of children’s toys, decor, books and especially clothing. Check it out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and say hello!