Toy kitchens are a classic plaything! Who could know that we will update them when we grew up? We have focused our attention on these lovely wooden toy kitchen sets, like this one from Vtwonen, as they are the perfect complement for the kids’ room. That’s unique and really funny!

Toy Kitchens for Every Corner


Instagram brings lots of inspiration to get the perfect toy kitchen. These toys are really similar to real kitchens as they include every single detail. This is one of those toys everybody loves because kids love copying our behavior and- who knows? – maybe they become famous chefs some day! The best thing about wooden kitchens is that they can become a wonderful decorative piece when they are not playing with them.

Vintage Toy Kitchens


Wooden toys are really in and we love them! They are ecological, long-lasting and help kids to develop their imagination. These wooden toys show that special vintage touch. We have found this one on Instagram and it’s really nice, made of natural wood and all those utensils seem as taken from the past!


This kitchen shows that simple things are trendy. Minimal designs without lots of ornaments are the key. If you love simple kids’ rooms, you will love this kitchen found on  Instagram.

Nordic Style Toy Kitchens


This children’s room created by Kinderkamerstylist shows an amazing wooden play space. The white wooden kitchen reminds the purest Nordic style but -furthermore- there are also some storage pieces of furniture as well as a matching forest cottage. This is a breathtaking play room based on Scandinavian decoration where wood is the focus of attention.

Special Toy Kitchens


We couldn´t finish the post without mentioning these special toy kitchens plenty of details. This is one of the kitchens created by Macarena Bilbao. She creates handmade toys which are as beautiful that you wouldn’t like to use them! We really love them because of all those little details. If you like those vintage prints, you can find them at Menudos Cuadros, the kids’ pictures shop.

Need more ideas? Here you will find more toy kitchens. Enjoy!