Toyhood Store is a try to find beauty and exclusivity in creative toys and gifts for kids. This English online store promotes British designers but it also gathers some rare pieces from other  European countries. Every single product is carefully selected, it’s one of those “little treasures” which are really difficult to find but they are worthy because of their special charm.

We have previously mentioned that parents feel that finding special gifts for their kids is difficult because there are not many things as wonderful as them. Well, they are scarce but they do exist and Toyhood is the perfect place to find them.

They only purchase a few pieces in order to keep this “spirit of exclusivity” as and extra value for their amazing range of products. Innovation and trends are also key concepts for them so they are always looking for something new to complete their selected collection of little artworks for children. Colour, fun, design, affordability, quality and lots of magic and thrill are the ingredients of their sweet recipe for kids. All the stuff in the shop must contain all these elements to be part of this great brand.


We have mentioned concepts like “unique”, “rare” or “exclusivity” so you may be wondering if you can afford these lovely pieces. We have the answer: YES. Affordability is very important for the brand’s philosophy so their products are mostly under 10 pounds. Can you believe it?


Their adorable products can be ordered from their online shop (please note that Toyhood store is only shipping within the UK at the moment). But if you are in London, you can purchase them at their weekly pop-up.


“Toyhood” is a childish pun created from “childhood” and this is exactly the brand’s concept: fun, creativity, dreams, childhood…all mixed to create a little and original universe specially designed for them where you can find lovely characters and amazing colourful stuff! Toyhood folk was founded by Shu Ling Ng and Daniel Welton, parents of two kids, who wanted to offer something different to the toy market, as you can see they have simply done it and the result is successful!



So, if you are looking for design, originality and affordability don’t miss this shop! Colour will soon cover every single space at home with their flashy products. Every dream will become true with all these toys and the fantasy around them.


+info: Toyhood Store