Need some party favors or a small gift for your kid? Are you tired of poor quality toys that break easily? Good news, I’ve found a shop full of little treasures, and most of their products are under £10!

Toyhood store is an independent retailer based in North London selling unique, fun and affordable children’s toys, books and gifts. You’ll find paper toys, magazines, badges, greeting cards, tattoos, pocket mirrors, hair clips, little notebooks, and much more, with a focus on small British designers. There’s also a smattering of small European brands rarely seen on the high street.

You can choose between masks from Pakhuis Oost, colouring posters by OMY, wings kits from Seedling or child jewelry from Pop Cutie…No more silly gifts!

Here’s a selection of my favourite products. Enjoy!


1. Design your own Superhero Comic Book from Clockwork Soldier. Creating your own superheros can be fun but why not go one better and use your imagination to create stories about your characters and design your very own comic book.

2. Books to illustrate from Supereditions. These quirky and charming stories contain only words, ready for you to illustrate. I really love this collection!

3. Welcome to your Awesome Robot from Flying Eye Books. Build your very own awesome automaton step by step, from your base unit, to the towering, terrifying, tremor-triggering robot of your dreams.

4. Skategirls Greeting Card from Dicky Bird.

toyhood-store25. Camping Paper Toy set from Pukaca. Each kit contains 10 pages of recycled card, a 3D paper toy along with 15 characters, 6 trees and 15 accessories.

6. The Safari Set from Mibo. In the pocket at the back of each book are five paper animals that children can pop out into 3D figures, simply by folding and adding a bit of glue.

7. Anorak Magazine – the Happy Mag for Kids. It’s aimed at children aged 6+. Published quarterly, each issue carries a distinctive theme.

8. Football activity set from Carddies. Football keen children will be able to colour the characters in their favourite team colours and play a match afterwards.

To find out more head over to the toyhood store website here.

First picture: Circus notebook from Rosie Wonders.