An amazing and surprising British toy shop where every single piece is different and carefully, produced by independent designers predominantly from the UK and Europe, so they are unique and share their own special soul. Creativity and design are the keys to get these original toys which will wake up your little one’s imagination. There is only a limited stock available but if you need a huge quantity they will also serve your order. These little treasures will add an exclusive touch to your kids’ playroom!

What Can You Find?

A huge range of products (toys, stationery, books, accessories…) created by the coolest brands. Everything shows a charming and original design that makes you fell in love with every single item. We are sure these toys will boost kids’ creativity and make them dream about the colourful universe of art as they are a great example of it. They are little artworks to play with!


As we have mentioned before, their strength points are design, exclusivity and lovely aesthetics but they are not the only one. Affordability is also considered so their products are mostly under £10! Can you believe it? Furthermore, they ship worldwide!


Toyhood” is play on the word ‘childhood’ and the logo is based around the letter ‘t’, as in ‘t’ for toyhood and toys, of course! There’s a sword, a soldier, a gingerbread man, a robot and an alien in the form of the letter ‘t’.” Do you want more funny anecdotes? Don´t miss their site! It’s full of lovely products and lots of style!