A toy, lots of options, this is the way Weerol is presented

Weerol is a convertible plaything which grows up with the kid. At first is used to keep and transport things, later as a walker and finally as a wheelbarrow.

If you buy two units, you can use them as a train or a shopping cart! Options will be increased! Don’t worry about the assembly and the stripping down. Its pieces system is really easy to use! Those orange balls you can see on the pictures are the pieces you need to add or remove to turn it into another thing.


Zebra print is great, animal print is always a trend even in toys!. Anyway, if you don’t like it they offer you other prints, one more graphic and another one with little green animals. It includes an extra piece with smaller wheels to turn the cart into a rocker or a scooter


Look what a beautiful shopping cart! You just have to combine two units!

The wood comes from sustainable forests and the water-based paint doesn’t include phthalates. A very well thought toy which will last for years.

+ info: Weefab