Once again we visit the great Linda’s blog. This time, we find a very special children’s room, a mix of a white base, lots of light, some trendy pastel tones and a wonderful wallpaper which are completed with those pieces to make the difference in every kids’ room. Here you are the perfect recipe to get a perfect trendy room!

This kids’ room for girls with soft tones is completely lovely but it goes beyond those trendy pieces we know, it tries to add something else with that personal and special touch which turns the space into a focus of attention. There’s no doubt that that fairy-tale headboard has played an important role. Who can resist those inspirations?


In this room, they have not only created a place to dream but also a special space where kids can read, dream and play at the same time. We can find some of those simple Ikea’s pieces of furniture in a place to relax and read plenty of cool cushions created by brands like Ferm Living which transforms the space into a cosy corner.

Children’s textiles must always have something fun, like those cloud-shaped cushions. This kids’ room shows a very dreamy look thanks to details like the wool blanket by Woollen Collective. We know that good textiles make everything more comfortable.



The room has lots of wonderful details and designer pieces focused on the latest Nordic trends. We have seen the nice Miffy Rabbit Lamp once and again but we love it anyway. If you add those Indian plumes, it’s even better.


Fantasy and imagination are wrapping this room. Some rabbit-shaped stickers decorate the wall, the mobile with birds help them to fly to a magical far kingdom like those in the fairy-tales.

We must also get inspiration from the study area with those house-shaped shelves and the simple wooden stool. What about that romantic refuge with lights? It’s one of the most beautiful and complete rooms we have never seen.


Via LiveLoudGirl