If you want to update the children’s room here you are lots of great inspiration. Little charming Nordic details that we love because they add a cool touch to every corner. Tresxics ideas are loved by both kids and adults. Take a look at their great details, especially  those original hangers!

The most creative hangers


Hangers for kids’ rooms are really cool and have become a Tresxics star product mainly because they can even be unnoticed. They are not like those metal or wooden pieces which don’t match anything; they are perfectly included in the atmosphere with matching stickers and lots of designs.


Placing these hangers is really simple, you just need to fix them to the wall like if they were a picture and then place the stickers. The adhesive part is very resistant  and it can hold a jacket but if you want even more you can use some screws.


Textile stickers for kids by Tresxics




One of the coolest things in this shop are their textile wall stickers coated with polymer gel  to make them more resistant. Another advantage is that they don’t reflect the light like traditional wall stickers so they can be seen from every corner and with every kind of lighting.


Now you just have to choose among the different motif, from refreshing fruits to lions or trees. If you buy more than one in order to change them whenever you want we must tell you that they can be easily removed without any kind of mark on the wall.

There is a section of customized wall stickers included in this huge choice of models. Every person can order a motif, a quote or a name to place it on the kids’ room wall. You provide the idea, they make it come true.


These flashy robots are not following minimalist Nordic style, but they are great! That’s an idea which seems to be alive. They can be customized with your initials or with a number. Let kids decide!

Other ornamental details by Tresxics


These kids’ shelves are a trendy detail, now you know where you can find them. They are made of metal and you can find them in different tones like black or white. They are usually house-shaped, but there is another train-shaped model which is perfect to place books on it.


This is the last idea. Kids will love it. It’s a sticker which can be used to play. It’s a funny idea so you will have to include it in their rooms! You can remove it easily from the floor without any kind of consequence, you must buy it now! Think about how much time they will spend playing with it and their cars!

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