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We really love rooms that show their own personality with little details that transform it into a special space. Finding the perfect complements is not always easy, especially if we also want design, quality and a cool look. Tresxics is the perfect place to purchase those magical touches you are looking for. The kids’ décor shop every parent must know!


This creative company was created by Susana Enrich Palmés, a graphic designer from Barcelona who decided to create her own studio after working for different companies in England. It was her son’s birth what brought inspiration to her life and made her turning Tresxics into a reality so love is one of the main features you can find in every piece.

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As far as handling and packaging are concerned, Tresxics collaborates with Àuria group, a set of social entities that try help disabled and people in risk of social exclusion, we must mention it as it is an extra value to their great products, don’t you think?

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Every single product is carefully produced in their craft workshops as the company is very involved in every step of the production process. They work closely with local suppliers in order to control all the details around the products.

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Clouds, trees, houses…the coolest and trendiest shapes are transformed into functional storage solutions to keep the room arranged!No more toys on the floor, please! Can you imagine it? Now  you can get it in the cutest way!

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But, what does this shop offer? Well, apart from talent and creativity, their range of products includes funny-shaped wall hangers, functional and cute shelves, textile wall stickers, original hair accessories holders (what a beautiful and cool idea to keep everything organised! We really love that flamingo!) and lots of products that will make you fall in love at the first sight. In addition, they also offer a blog to find lots of inspiration with décor ideas and crafts!

Are your ready to find that little treasure you wanted for your little ones’ room? Tresxics brings a huge choice of them. We can’t choose only one!!

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