Halloween is approaching, but you have time enough to create these simple and flashy costumes to frighten everybody!

Paper balls are essential in every party, they are the typical birthday ornaments so this original costume is always the right option. They are suitable for both children and adults and you just need a few things to make it. You fill find it on by victoria Hudgins. It’s a space plenty of DIY ideas for daily parties.


As you can see, they are very cool. To this Halloween I advise you the orange and black colours, then you just have to paint their faces and… Happy trick or treat night!


Any fashion-addict here? How many of us know Anna Wintour?

If you like fashion you will understand why I show you this costume. The boss of the American edition of Vogue is an authentic fashion icon! People who know her tell that in spite oh her great sensitivity she has a cold personality. Here you are her mini version…it’s quite terrifying!


You can find it on the blog. There are lots of originals party ideas and useful tips .