Soft colours, Nordic inspiration and lots of style. The kids rooms we will show you today are like that. We are so excited to share a double room tour on Petit & Small: we will visit the Teo and Olivia’s room as well as little Mauro’s.

Their mum, Andrea, has a special talent for the decoration and has created two really lovely bedrooms for her children. We are sure that many of you know her profile on Instagram (@teoyolivia) which is plenty of inspiring photos and atmospheres. Today we can see the whole kids rooms. Here we go!

A Shared Kids Room: Teo and Olivia’s Bedroom


When Andrea and her husband moved to their new house, they are really excited to decorate Teo’s and Olivia’s rooms. They wanted a huge cosy room full of light and space to play. So they chose white and natural woods as well as soft unisex tones for the accessories.


The triple bunk bed and the chest of drawers were made by a Portuguese carpenter because, even then, they wanted to have another baby and loved the idea of seeing their three children sharing room and games. As they didn’t find a bunk bed like that they decided to design it. Furthermore, they really liked the idea of sleeping in bunk beds, it’s really funny and they have a great time.


Andrea loved those Nordic rooms with light wood and soft tones she found on Pinterest so they decided to choose the Ferm Living bedding and wallpaper, a picture by Miniwilla and a rug created by OYOY design on which they could play.

You can also see some others products we love here at Petit & Small, like the soft toys from Amayadeeme and LuckyBoySunday and the cute wooden vehicles from Pich Toys.

Baby Boy Nursery: Mauro’s Bedroom


Mauro’s nursery came later and although the shelf and the changing table are from Ikea, their parents picked a couple of special pieces from Peek & Pack, a little desk from We Do Wood and the lamp from Miffy… Andrea has always loved that Dutch bunny!


Andrea also picked out unique and special decor pieces designed by small labels or Scandinavian-inspired brands. The black and white bedding (from Catsandboys and Finelittleday), the wall vinyl and the black dreamcatcher instantly add a playful and graphic touch to the decoration.


Grey, white and black are the main colours of the nursery. They are easy-to-combine tones, and, if you want to refresh the room’s decoration, you can simply add other shades like mint green.


Toys, pictures and decorative elements are always moving in Andrea’s house and given that they are unisex and show those wonderful soft tones they are perfect for every corner.

Great job, Andrea! You have created two kids bedrooms with a great style.

What about you? Have you liked these children’s bedrooms? Need more inspiration? If you want to discover more decor ideas, be sure to check out Andrea profile on Instagram, and follow her now!