The Italian brand Kartell knows as no other how to brighten up any interior. They design striking lamps, iconic chairs or practical and fun tables. But they not also create eye-catching furniture and déco accessories for the home, but also design a functional, playful, and engaging kid’s products: rocking horses, kid’s stools, swings, and toy cars, among others. Kartell’s designs appeal to both young and old.

Now they have extended their children’s range with new products. The latest addition to Kartell is a set of translucent, candy-coloured plastic doll’s houses created by Fabio Novembre.

The doll houses were based on Novembre’s own experiences with his two daughters, and they feature a pitched roof, cut-out windows and front door. One side is opened like shelves, and the back closed save for window cutouts in various shapes like arches, circles, and squares. The doll houses are raised off the ground on legs, so they are more achievable for the kids. The doll houses come in modern, bold colours, such as grey, neon green, pink, purple, and white.

“We’re talking about an iconic form, understandable for everyone, especially for children,” Fabio Novembre said. “The real novelty here is transparency. Kartell transforms your objects into light happy ghosts – never bulky and always friendly.”

Furthermore, you can transform them into a small cabinet or bookshelf. Use figurines and play with this dollhouse, or uses it as a shelf for books and other small objets, making it a piece of furniture that a family could share across generations.

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